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Aayan legal group assumes liability the law cases or legal affairs which it is committed through the legal disciplines of the following:

The Civil, Commercial and Companies section

It specializes process all the civil , commercial cases and all cases related by companies law (mandates and responsibility of tout and contractual liability), appeals in verdicts, drafting and reviewing the contracts specially in FIDIC contracts and government contracts and the declarations in civil and commercial matters and provide a solution for all legal advices in this field.

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The Criminal section

It specializes in assuming responsibility for all criminal cases by attending elementary investigation and hearings, the preparation of written submission and oval proceedings appeal the verdicts and present the grievances and petitions related the criminal matters and all the criminal procedures and regulations.

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The Administrative section

It is in charge of all cases and administrative appeals, drafting the administrative contracts and reviewing the beds contracts and the construction, both occurred between individuals or companies of all kinds, or those which the country is a party.

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Department of Arbitration and Intellectual Property

It is in charged the codification contracts contained a condition of arbitration, or the preparation of arbitration charter, resolving the disputes between, the individuals, the companies, the institutions, and the people moral, public and private, in civil and commercial and financial disputes and the intellectual property, according to the terms of the contract.
It is also costing the registration of patents and trademarks in the official in Kuwait to guarantee the right of our customers.

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Department of Corporate Governance

It cares about the rules, the regulations and the procedures that organize the work of companies in a framework of transparency and credibility to achieve a better protection and a balance between the interests of the board of directors and the right of shareholders and the other stakeholders affected by the company.

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Department of Rents

This section is handle with all rent issues by several kinds of laws such as rent law or civil law, drafting and written issues, reviewing tell the last hearing in the case.

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Department of Worker

Respect to submit the requests and the complaints relating to the rights of workers and write the writ of summons and follow – up in front of the exports and the competent judicial district, appeal on rulings and follow-up the accomplishment of this judgments.

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The International Section

Respect to follow up the lawsuits which has a foreign – element in all the civil, commercial and financial transaction, also to write the writ of summons and the presence before the courts outside Kuwait when it was allowed to do that.

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Apartment of Affectionately Collection

It is assigned to collect the money owed to individuals and companies with other individuals, companies or institutions by requiring affectionately.

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IT Legal Department

Specialized in drafting and reviewing IT contracts and communications sector contracts with reviewing and advice in legal matters and arbitration, IT criminal cases in electronic and financial related to internet and establish the web sites cases and so we are the one in Kuwait and Mena region specialized in Legal IT.

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