Specialization fields :

Civil, commercial, companies, criminal and constitution.

Qualifications :

  • Has obtained a Bachelor of laws – Faculty of law – Cairo University.
  • Has obtained a master’s degree in criminal law – Bahrain.
  • The recipient of several courses in Commercial Arbitration and the elimination of the administrative and financial.
  • Holds international Cambridge diploma specific in IT

Practical Experiences :

  • Managing lecturer to teach law at the faculty of business studies.
  • Legal advisers to the Kuwait Journalists Association.
  • Member of the Gulf congress for legislation Administrative law.
  • Member of the Kuwaiti lawyers Association
  • Member of the Union of Arab Lawyers.
  • Lecturer in the Kuwait Lawyer Center .
  • Counsel before the court of cassation and the supreme constitutional.

Specialization fields :

Civil, commercial, companies, criminal, constitution and international law.

Qualifications :

  • Has obtained a Bachelor of laws from the University of Kuwait.
  • Has obtained a Master of Financial law – Oman University
  • Has obtained a Master of Commercial law – QUT Australia .

Practical Experiences :

  • 2004 – lawyer and member in Kuwait lawyer Society .
  • Counsel before the court of cassation and the supreme constitutional.
  • Specializes in international center in Aayan Legal Group .
  • Specializes in drafting contracts and negotiating.
  • 2003 – lawyer in Saudi Society

Mr. Fahad Al-Farmawi has 12 years experience in all commercial, civil and international law, also he is expertise in all branches of law as he is present before all levels of courts. He introduced many legal consultations and memorandums is various branches of law.

In ancient times, the human applied justice to himself, after the evolution of ideas and communities, he resorted to other being to require his rights and resolve his disputes, then the appearance of judge and lawyer began to appear, the evolution, which has no limit, produced a legal systems are practiced in the various fields of law with dedicated and professional way achieving the desired results through the specialists in all branches of law, and in the forefront and provided we are.

It is with great pride and honor to introduce to your excellency our offer through which we highlight our expertise in the field of the provision of legal services and the permanent expression of our commitment to work with your excellency.

Aayan Legal Group is one of the leading offices in the work of lawyers and legal consultancy in Kuwait.

The definition of the group :
Aayan Legal Group is a legal system that works in the field of law, legal consultancy and arbitration, it was founded by the lawyers Fayez Shadeed Al-Mutairi and Fahad Saqr Al-Farmawi.

Aayan Legal Group consists of a team of lawyers and legal advisers speaking several languages and have an extensive experience in the field of legal services that we like to deliver to the local and international communities.
These lawyers and advisers have a high level of legal skill and professional barked legal supported by academic back grounds and memberships in most of the relevant professional organizations in the field of their specialties these burdened by the process of the direct experience at all claims of different kinds and in front of all courts in different degrees and multiplicity of it’s terms at reference, as well as being experienced arbitrators and efficiency in all civil and commercial disputes.

Moreover, our lawyers and legal advisers have outstanding expertise in establishing multinational corporations which may later become on of the main parties to participate effectively and efficiently in the economic sector as dealing with corporate and businesses in the region.

The Aayan legal Group represent a large number of companies, including government institutions in the country and the associations of public benefit, establish and develop strong effective relationships with the government and private sector alike, through the department of corporate governance in the group.


Since the establishment of Aayan legal Group, it contributed to provide any of the legal support services for many banks and companies inside and outside the state of Kuwait, especially that we have the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with law firms in both America, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and Qatar, seeking through it to expand the scope of services normally provided to include international scale.

Because we believe in ourselves….
And do not accept an alternative without success

We believe we are the group best suited to provide support and legal services to your excellency because we have a team that has a high degree of specialization as our extensive experience and diverse has enabled us to be able to provide all legal solution to you and the various transaction that may be produced by the developments of life according to the development of civil and evolution.

1. The Group is committed to represent the company legally in front of all official and government departments, courts and prosecutors and direct all the lawsuits that may arise from them or against them in front of all the courts of various levels and types.
2. Providing legal advisory services in both Arabic , English , French and Russia in all legal matters required by your excellency either oral or written or via phone.
3. The group is committed to prepare and review all Contracts of various kinds and show notes and the legal opinion, including the supply contracts, charging and discharging, including international transfer agreements (Warsaw) and direct legally for all customs transactions in accordance with the law gulf unified customs .
4. Providing of contracts need by company periodically models , which include contracts between the company and third parties on supply of the necessary daily services to the company and the contract of employment models for staff within the company , which includes the model contract employee service , evacuation of the tip and the adoption at the employee gets his does and clearance from the company .
5. The firm is committed to represent the company in the negotiations and the presence of the company required by the nature at your company’s business meetings .
6. The Group is committed , when requested to do so by providing a report on the companies to be dealt with in Kuwait legally and having on whether they have taken against criminal proceedings or not , and whether civilian checks or procrastination in the performance benefits of dealing with it or already bankrupted and legal licenses to be for the company through the decision on hiring company or investing with these companies or not.
7. The group is committed to address the company periodically with a written report for all actions carried out by the group

Aayan Legal Group assumes liability the law cases or legal affairs which it is committed through the legal disciplines of our areas of expertise.

Based on the above, we are sure that we will give you the best legal services desired with unrivaled efficiency and unprecedented speed, and we hope that our offer gets on your acceptance and satisfaction.

If our offer has been accepted induction of your excellency , we will provide our offer after finding out the contractual requirement of one of yearly contracts that keep pace with your company’s needs .

Please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation.